Volume Control Question

Quantum Leaper

New Member
Hi Folks, I'm a little confused (which happens a lot).

My T2 HDR is connected to My Samsung UE40D5520 via a Samsung HW-E450 Soundbar using HDMI leads.

The confusion is that the volume control on the Humax remote works on SD channels, but has no effect on HD channels (but the mute button works). Anyone know why this is?
It's because you have your sound preferences set to multichannel. Change it to stereo and you'll be fine. Multichannel users are expected to be using an external amp, and therefore external volume.
Thanks; I'm setting up my parent's new TV & new HDR-Fox T2 next week & I'd have run into this problem too.
This issue only affects some TV's. On others, the Humax volume control works fine on SD and HD channels, regardless of whether it is set to multichannel or stereo.
How? Is there a volume setting sent in the audio data?
I don't know how, but it works with my current Samsung TV, another Samsung TV, and a Logix TV (from Aldi). This issue has been discussed previously in several other threads on this forum.

Edit: Check out THIS THREAD, there are others as well.