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Volume Level Differences

Discussion in 'HDR-FOX T2 Freeview Recorder' started by Martin Edwards, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. Martin Edwards

    Martin Edwards New Member

    Good Morning all....
    First post for a newbe here!! :)
    I picked up my FOX T2 at the weekend, after a fair amount of research... and should I, shouln't I discusssions with myself.

    On the whole, very pleased.... I have a 9300T, but am also a TiVo owner... and that is still going strong!

    The issue that I have is that I have connected Via my AV amp using the Optical cable, and all of the SD broadcasts seem to be far quieter thank the HD, or anything else that i run through the amp.

    I have updated to the latest firmware (.09) and i see that one tof the "fixes" was resolves SD/HD difference... but i was wondering if this was the same thing that I am getting...... despite having the fix??????

    Any help, or advice... appreciated.

  2. framedtoo

    framedtoo Member

    i had the same problem

    but the .09 update fixed it
  3. Martin Edwards

    Martin Edwards New Member

    to download an apply again then.....
    Did over the signal before and it took ages... so will download to USB and manually do this tonight... and see how it goes....

    Cheers for the update
  4. Martin Edwards

    Martin Edwards New Member

    Good Morning!!
    Well, I downloaded and installed the update again last night, and had a bit more of a play.

    The issue is still there, however I have fiddled a bit more and have some more information.

    The Sound Issue still appears to be there from the HDMI sound feed, however all is OK on the Optical.

    With my Yamaha amp, I have a source selection button, that by default is set to AUTO.
    If i tune into to channel 50, I get the same volume settings from AUTO, HDMI and OPTICAL,
    if i then change the channel to 1, AUTO and HDMI are very quiet, and Optical is Fine.

    Unfortunately, after turning off the amp, and turning back on again, the setting reverts to AUTO again...... frustrating.

    All i need to do is find the original remote now so that I can get the right code, and programme the Harmony one remote to send the relevent codes through for me i guess....

    Is anyone else having the same issues with sound through the HDMI output?


  5. Martin Edwards

    Martin Edwards New Member

    OK... so I thought that i would update...
    I emailed support in the UK
    They actually came back to be fairly quickly, and asked me to to plug directly to see if the issue still existed.

    So i have been on my hands and knees again tonight!!

    My tests have revealed that the sound control on the hummy box does not work with the HD channels, just the SD ones.
    The volume of the HD channels is pretty much set as the MAX on the Fox box, and the volume has no effect at all on this.

    As i had the volume on the FOX set to 10 (not 20) all SD channels were lower in volume...

    Changing the FOX box to 20 has resolved my issue......

    will wait to see what humax have to say back....

  6. Sandholme

    Sandholme Member

    I reported this (to Humax) sometime back in the 1.01.06 days. HD sound cannot be altered as that would require decoding, modifying the sound level and then re-encoding. That would probably take a much faster processor and an encoding capability. I think that they just switch it off for all HD channels.