Wake On Lan ! ??

The search box is your friend... Been looked at

It looks like the search box doesn't like me!
It returned this thread and one other that doesn't seems to be relevant.

Only other thread found - seems to be about the web portal.

Does anyone have any info on this? (Tawny's link doesn't seems to work any more.)
Specifically I'm trying to get the DLNA server to show up without needing to be in front of the box to switch it on. There might be a better solution, or something I'm missing, but it doesn't seem to show up on DLNA with the box in standby.
I don't know why Tawny's link is broken, there have been similar so I think there must be some kind of forum issue.

WoL has been addressed in the custom firmware section but I will summarise for you: as far as we can make out there is no hardware support in the HDR-FOX (and therefore presumably the HD-FOX also) for it.

As this is the HD-FOX section I presume you are streaming recordings decrypted by HDR Mode using MediaTomb (the HD-FOX having no native capability).

The only options you have for unattended power up are to set timers for power on (must be paired with power off or it doesn't work propery) or a schedule reminder, or to use an AV sender as a remote IR repeater.

Regarding search, the standard forum search doesn't handle search terms with fewer than 4 characters well, or quoted strings, so it is sometimes more effective to use Google and include the prefix "site:hummy.tv/forum" in the search box.
Cheers, a bit of a shame as it means without preventing standby, you have to go to the box and switch it on with the remote to start streaming from it.

Thanks for the info and search advice though.

P.s. I'm using an HDR Fox, but this was the closest thread I found and I didn't notice the lack of an R in the forum section.
If you follow my links (see signature panel) through to the Index of Existing Informative Threads you will find a couple of topics listed under Wake-On-LAN - I need to investigate why one of them is broken though.
I've located the problem: the server no longer supports URLs with a www. prefix, so any links which return a 404 should have the www. removed. The links above should access the topic rather than a specific post within the topic.

Now I have to go and find them all!