WARNING: Massive Bug deleted all my recordings

My Humax HDR FOX T2 deleted all the files in the root directory without my doing it, all I did was to delete one empty folder and then continue to watch live broadcast, I then put it in standby and left it.

The next day I switched on and selected the media button and found that the deleting message was still being displayed, in fact it never stopped until I powered off at the mains.

All the programs I had recorded were deleted except for those in folders, they were ok, but everything stored in the root directory had been deleted.

I thought all other owners of the HDR FOX T2 should be aware of this.

Fortunately I had copied all the programs I wanted to keep to my PC the day before this happened.

I was actually able to repeat this by copying a few recordings back to the root directory and then I deleted one empty folder again, and it happened again, so I suggest do not delete empty folders in case this happens to you.

Strangely when the deleting message was constant, the webif browser displayed that all files had been decrypted, but I had only two files decrypted at that time, the rewind live TV would not function, the buffer was always empty.

I am using software version 1.02.20, custom firmware 1.12 and webif 0.9.12-7
Yes, just about all of them are similar BH, I have now upgraded to 1.02.28 custom firmware 2.11.

I tried the new HDD test program, so far its looks like it has crashed, the menu in the background disappeared after a few minutes, the rotating icon has stopped and the progress bar stopped moving while testing the HDD, possibly the condition of the HDD has caused it, is the test HDD feature supposed fix any problems it finds ?
is the test HDD feature supposed fix any problems it finds ?

Yes, I would try running the HDD test program as the first thing after taking the Humax out of stand-by, If the in-built HDD test won't complete there is a Custom Firmware utility you could try HERE. If fix-disk doesn't work you may have to re-format your hard disk, but this will erase all your recordings so you would need to back them up to a P.C. using FTP