Warranty registration

You automatically have a one year warranty on you New Humax product. To upgrade to a 2 year warranty absolutely free, please register within 30 days of purchase of your new Humax product.
It was my understanding that they ship with 2 year warranty without needing to register anywhere.

Ezra Pound

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It looks like Humax have decided to build themselves a 'Personal Details' database (14 Manadatory Fields), I wonder what they will use that for?


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Interesting - overnight Humax have added a Warranty Registration link to their web site.

That's odd, I emailed them a few days ago and this was their reply on 21st February:

Dear Sir,

You do not need to register the product. You will need the proof of purchase to show that the unit is in warranty.


Mark White

P.S. Just been to the Warranty Registration page and there is no text entry box on the top line for Product Description (Model Name). As this is mandatory there appears to be no way to actually register at the moment! Oh well!


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Just an excuse for them to send you advertising junk, or worst, sell you email address on...
...or track us down in the dead of night and drag us off to darkened places to punish us for messing about with their boxes and decrypting HD recordings and programming them over the internet - we'll be loaded onto an unmarked container and shipped off to Korea to work in their factory picking up the tiny little blobs of solder off the floor and forced to eat raw freeze dried noodles until we reveal the true identity of agent af123 and where he lives.......:frantic::bye: