Watch our local peregrines

Hi Mike, I was out on the fells on Sunday, looking particularly for the local Peregrines around the Haweswater/Shap area. Didn't see any as the local rock climbers were doing their thing around the traditional nesting sites. Saw a few in the Algarve during the winter, they are magnificent in flight when chasing prey. One of the best moments was watching one harrassing four Booted Eagles!
Great to see the webcam and thanks for posting. I've forwarded the link around. Signing off for a couple of weeks from tomorrow.
Hi Rob, Just wander down Brook Hill to see them chasing off the local crows!

We have seen them over Chatsworth and also Red Kite over Stanage.

Have a good break.
They have flown.

I recognise the Mappin Street engineering building in the background... spent 3 years there, a long, long, long time ago!
Did you get a medal?
(I went there once, but ended up in another city a bit further north instead.)