Watched marker on mounted drive files

I've had a search about and can't seem to find an answer. I have an hdr t2 and 2 hd's connected to my home network. I have folders mounted on all boxes from my laptop using network shares automount and smb. My question is this, is there a way the box's can mark the video files once I've watched them ( or unmark as the HDR does with recorded programmes)?

Do you mean the files are stored on a network share and viewed on the Humax?

The properties are held in the .hmt sidecar file, so if the recording originated from the Humax in the first place you need to transfer not just the .ts but at least the .hmt as well. If the file is not a Humax recording you will need to convert it to .ts and generate the sidecar files using Raydon's AV2HDR utility.

If on the other hand you are using the PC to play content stored on the Humax, the media players will not take any notice of the .hmt file and you will need to use the WebIF or Telnet tools to switch the flag in the .hmt.

Using another HD/HDR-FOX for playback (by network share, not DLNA) will operate the sidecars just as if the recording was local (one of the main benefits of doing it this way).
Yeah the files are stored on a network share and viewed on the humax, I have loads of video files on the share, 60 gb+, in your opinion is it a lot of work/hassle in order to achieve the desired outcome?
AV2HDR-T2 has a command line option so you can process multiple recordings using a batch file.
Enter AV2HDR-T2 /h at the command line for usage.