Water damage !

Ian Robinson

New Member

Had my unit for 10 days when it failed to recognize the satellite signal. Forst it came up with PNB short , then no signal. Water has somehow seeped in through one of the satellite cable connections and taken out the tuner board. This seems to be the only damage. Water damage is excluded from the warranty so can anyone tell me where I can get a new tuner board ?

Are you sure about the tuner board - you can lose the signal completely with just a little water in the cable between LNB and satellite receiver input. If you haven't tried it, it's worth replacing the cable (or at least making a temporary substitution for a test).
Thanks Derek, but there is evidence of corrosion on the board and I have run new cables from the LNB to the unit so do still need a replacement board. Just wondering if anyone has a unit for spares or a location of a new board.
OK - thought I'd better play for safety and ask about it, rather than assume you knew when you didn't.
Good luck in your quest for a spare (have you tried ebay and google search?)