WDTV live and the fox T2


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Can I get my T2 recordings over my home network to be viewed on my WDTV live? If so how do I do this?

Help would b appreciated!!
It depends on the capabilities of the WDTV Live. Does it have DLNA support? Presumably yes. Can it play .ts streams? Probably no.

Can anyone tell me if this can be done and if so how they did it. As far as I am aware the WDTV can play .ts streams its just very picky. Problem I've got is trying to get the humax and the WDTV live to speak to each other over a homeplug network. Please help.
Have you got Menu >> Settimgs >> System >> Internet Setting >> Content Share = On?

In general, we have found that smart TVs and media players are unhappy with the .ts streams from the Humax.
i have good news and bad news....

Good news is that it can be done. I was using it for months with no problems.

Bad news is i don't have the WDTV anymore so I cant tell you how i done it.

A big thing i do remember is that your humax box needs to be ON . its its on stanby, it wont communicate.
I am able to play Hummy .ts files over wifi on a PlayOn HD media player I have in an upstairs bedroom (similar capabilities to the WDTV Live).

You should be able to achieve this on the WDTV Live using two methods:

Windows networking: You will need to use the custom firmware package to decrypt the files (custom firmware can be set up to do this automatically) and install the samba package from the custom firmware. You should then be able to browse to your Humax video folder on your network with the WDTV Live.


uPnP: Turn on Content Share on the Humax (not necessary for samba). No need to decrypt files. Browse to your file via uPnP.

Personally, I find samba is faster but that might just be the vagaries of my network.
Both the WDTV live and the WDTV Live Streaming will play the Humax files faultlessly over your network. If you have the older model and install custom firmware and a module called minidlna you will also be able to play WDTVlive files using your HUMAX. Full information is available by googling WDLXTV and referring to the appropiate forum. The HUMAX will benefit by having the custom firmware as suggested in the previous post.