Black Hole

May contain traces of nut
I have BBC1's nightly Weatherview weather forecast set as a series recording, mainly to test AR performance but also because it provides me with a detailed weather forecast on tap. Until the end of June, everything was going fine (barring the occasional "unable to track" failure).

In July, the only recordings made have been in the early hours of the 4th and the 11th! No attempt has been made at all on the other days, like it was not scheduled. A recording is scheduled for tomorrow morning, but note that will be the 18th.

What's the answer? The buggers have only gone and changed the S-CRID! The old S-CRID now only applies to the Holiday Weatherview programme, which is on a Thursday night. The reason seems to be that they have also changed the name of the programme to Weather for the Week Ahead.
Add the constant fiddling with F1 S-CRIDs to that gripe!