Web epg questions

Hi guys

Whats is the webif written in? specifically the epg? Im thinking about hacking in some missing features.

I'd quite like to be able to do the following:
  • Group films by name so that when searching for all films it only shows one of each and a seperate screen to select the showing you want to record
  • Link to imdb Or even better imdb data import.
Where would I find the webif code in order to start trying to add these features?


Staff member
It's predominantly written in Jim TCL (http://jim.tcl.tk/)
The code is contained within various directories under /mod/var/mongoose/. I keep wanting to move it but there are some dependencies now that would need addressing..

I've looked at the code and discovered I dont know jim tcl :( and currently I dont really have the time to learn it.

Thanks for answering my query anyway