Web I/F Fail


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I installed the custom firmware on my HDR FOX T2 and rxd 'Custom Firmware Successfully Installed' via an XP laptop, I then clicked on 'Download and Install Full Web Interface'. The PVR then started downloading the WebIF data. Finally I logged on again using the IP address and the WebIF failed to open with the attached error text.
I checked the TV Portal and it accessed okay. Subsequent attempts still failed.
Can anyone help please?

Custom Firmware-02.JPG
It's worth re-trying the 'logged on again using the IP address' to see if you can get past the 'Could not lock /tmp/opkg.lock' error, if you repeatedly get this error, you can perform a 'clear-up', are you familiar with Telnet, if so Telnet into your Humax and select rset from the Menu, then re-try 'logging on using IP address'
Thanks guys, That's fixed. I probably didn't wait for the box to shut down fully.

Is there a cure for a problem that occurs when I switch channels on the HUMAX and the TV has a black screen with audio or picture without audio for 10 - 20 seconds or so. I changed the HDD to a Seagate pipeline but it persists.