Web-IF - A restart is required


Searches were fruitless, so I have to ask... :oops:

Some operations via the Web-IF have brought up this error.
A restart is required in order to complete a scheduling operation.
Cannot restart whilst box is busy.

These operations were
  1. Renaming a folder
  2. Adding a new recording to the Schedule
  3. Deleting a recording from the Schedule
A box containing Pending Scheduled Events appears at the top of the Schedule page.

So...A restart of what, I wonder.

Of the T2?
And if so, just into standby, or into standby and then full power off?
Or just some process (web server??)?

Any help, enlightenment, gratefully received.
Any help, enlightenment, gratefully received.
I'll go for the "enlightenment" option:

Poking around in the scheduling database can only be done while the humaxtv process is not locking it - ie before the normal Humax code starts up immediately after boot. Pending schedule changes are queued until they can be incorporated at the next boot, whenever that might be, and unless there is a hurry they might as well wait until the next routine restart (obviously they cannot be acted on until they are incorporated into the database, so if the schedule change is for today rather than tomorrow you probably need an immediate restart). The same applies to schedule changes from the RS service.

A warm start is adequate, no need for a full power-off cold start, but switching to standby and then turning on again while the Humax is recording something would be no good - it would not actually drop to standby and not reboot when turned on (turn on in that case is virtually instant). Even when the Humax is not recording, you must allow time for the shut-down processes to complete before turning on again (when the hard drive clicks off).

The restart button in the WebIF forces a reboot, but first checks whether anything is happening that should not be interrupted. There is also a risk that a forced reboot in this way will cause the Humax to drop into standby and require turning on again. As mentioned in the first paragraph, there is usually no need to force a reboot.
Thank you, brian for that succinct answer, and thanks, Black Hole for the enlightenment. :)

Enlightenment from a Black Hole: there's a joke there somewhere. :rolleyes: