Web-IF interprets 5-day M-F recording as 6-day M-Sat recording


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I have previously scheduled two 5-day (M-F) recordings via the Web-IF. The Web-IF now seems to be interpreting those as 6-day (Mon-Sat) recordings, and reporting apparent recording conflicts as a result. I added a further 5-day recording directly via the PVR's standard interface, and the Web-IF seems to interpret that also as a 6-day recording.

I was on 1.3.0 of the Web-IF when I noticed the problem, but have since updated to 1.3.1, rebooted the PVR, and reloaded the browser. The problem remains.

Two screen caps attached.

Web-If-5-to-6-day-visual-report-extract.jpg Web-If-5-to-6-day-rsv-db-extract-sorted-by-repeat.jpg


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Thanks for the report. This is fixed in webif 1.3.1-1 which is now available.