1. D

    Failed update of Webif - now only getting "500 Internal Server Error"

    I noted that there were some upgrades to the packages on my HDR-Fox T2 and I picked the Web-if to do first. I was on 1.4.? and was upgrading to 1.5. The install proceeded, the log showed some things being uninstalled and then the new package dowloaded and ran. In the log window I saw that it...
  2. S

    Web Interface Failing on HDR Fox T2

    Our family Humax HDR Fox T2 was running ever-more-slowly, so I started to do some digging. Initially I had several disk warnings showing on the Disk Maintenance area of the Web Interface: 197 Current_Pending_Sector -O--C- 1 100 100 000 - 198 Offline_Uncorrectable...
  3. Matthew

    Accurate recording timer issues

    We have AR on as most of the time it works perfectly, but this weekend its drawbacks reared its head. Having purchased the full 007 series on UltraViolet only then to find with the latter's demise most of the time the films are not available to view! I decided to take the opportunity to record...
  4. Matthew

    Slow initalising HDD results in noext.html too often

    With a 2TB Western Digital Green wd20ead drive installed the start-up in the HDR T2 is a little too slow for the webif, so all to often results in the noext.html page. Could someone please point to where the start-up counter lives and where the noext.html is generated so I can modify to make...
  5. Matthew

    WebIf Tweaks: Adding to top and to bottom links to file browser and stopping list jumping on load

    Firstly this involves changes to files that will fail to run if the file permissions and ownership are not maintained (as the OS is Linux) so I advise only changing files with the editor in Diag->File Editor If you have folders with large numbers of files (you've recorded many films perhaps)...
  6. Matthew

    Backing up the WebIf settings

    I have an odd issue with my install, I am no longer able to directly program schedule events from the WebIf schedule, if I add any I have to go through a reboot (the old method) I also have an issue with Detect ads getting stuck occasionally due to ChaseGet failing to report it has finished. I...
  7. Who Max?

    How do I stream recordings via internet?

    Hi I have recently installed the latest custom firmware onto my HDR FoxT2, installed the web IF and everything’s working very nicely, thank you very much. The assistance given on the wiki and various forum posts was excellent - well done all. I now want to know how I can stream recordings over...
  8. K

    Web-IF interprets 5-day M-F recording as 6-day M-Sat recording

    I have previously scheduled two 5-day (M-F) recordings via the Web-IF. The Web-IF now seems to be interpreting those as 6-day (Mon-Sat) recordings, and reporting apparent recording conflicts as a result. I added a further 5-day recording directly via the PVR's standard interface, and the Web-IF...