Web-If only half installed?


I have installed CF 1.02.27/2.11 on my HD. The Web-If install appeared to work, but then when I type in the HD's IP address in the browser I only get 'Status..' and the Release Notes bullet. I don't get any icons, etc. Have tried this in Chrome and IE. The IP address pings ok and I can ftp to it.
I get 2.11 when the HD boots.
If I try http://192.168.x.x/diag/diag.jim I get the message:
Error 500: Internal Server Error
CGI program sent malformed HTTP headers: []

Anyone have any ideas before I reload the FW.
I'm not using the HD to record from. I put a usb stick in to get the web-if install to work (as someone else had said in another thread).
My aim for the HD is really only to link to my HDR to view recordings on a second tv, as the existing coax link from the HDR to the second tv isn't of good quality.
Are you implying that the CF only really works or is of use if there is a HDD connected? If so, the problem maybe that my usb stick is fat32.

Edit : just read some more and looks like i'm doing it all wrong!
So, the question is now, for what i'm trying to do, is it worth it?

I don't want to record from the HD (well I do but to the HDR!).
I want to view the HDR media from the HD, with all the same options as if you were viewing the HDR media list (Initial look seems to show the files rather than the program title as you would get on the HDR media list), but using the mount packages gives more flexibility?
It looks like setting the HD to record to the HDR isn't possible, so if I was viewing the HD and wanted to record something I would have to switch to the coax feed and control the HDR directly via the magic eye (which introduces dual remotes in one room).

The more I think about/play with things it looks like it's too much hassle!
To use the CF on a HD-FOX T2 you must have some USB storage connected check my terse notes HERE, it must be formatted in EXT2/EXT3
If i put in a usb stick can the Humax format it to Ext ?

Reading the notes, I have to format a usb stick to Ext2 first. Or use an HDD and let the Humax format it.
If i put in a usb stick can the Humax format it to Ext ?

Unfortunately not, The Humax will only format EXT3, I don’t think the Humax will allow formatting of a Flash Drive, but even if it did EXT3 is not recommended for flash drives because EXT3 would be constantly writing to it
I'm going to try an hdd to host the CF and see how that goes.
After that mount the HDR to have a 'local' media list on the HD.
Then see if the HDR can be used as the setting for the PVR (Data Storage option), so the HD can set a recording to it.