Web If Q.


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After using my Humax ip address to access the box via web browser for the first time there is no webif menu? Could someone point me in the right direction, do I need to download it from somewhere?
Yes, did it about a year ago, but never connected it through a router. Unless its somehow become corupt/disabled?
Great stuff thanks, I'll have a read. How do I reinstate the CF? Just re-install?
My initial problem is getting a green screen on the TV. Its got worse and worse, now I can't clear it. I was going to RTM the Humax and try that, clean slate. Could it be an OTA update made it worse or the CF just no compatable with my TV as it did'nt seem to occur until the CF was installed (although I only had it a short while before I put the CF on it).
Yes, just reinstall it (the correct version for your current Humax firmware). You need to run the fix-flash-packages diagnostic (WebIF Diagnostics page) to be on the safe side.

The CF does not affect the HDMI - the OTA may have done though. You could wind back to a previous firmware before installing the CF.