Web-IF >> Schedule >> more >> Create Folder does nothing


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I have just scheduled a series, and wanted to create the series folder in advance (so I could put in some episodes that I have missed and have downloaded).

I presumed that this was the intention of the Create Folder option, but it seems to have no effect.
I checked the Wiki, but it does not mention the option.
(off topic, if Ezra is looking; the Wiki page does have a mis-spelled heading "Diable AR")

I scheduled the programme from the Web-IF, and tried to create the folder both before reboot (while the schedule entry was Pending) and after.
It is possible to create a 'New Folder' using the Web-If so that you can manually move files into it, but I don't think new series will be moved to it, However I can't get the option in Schedule Events >> More to do anything either
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I think that if you use Web-If>Browse Media Files>New Folder to create the folder, the new series-linked recordings will go into that folder as long as the names match exactly.
I believe that the create folder option in Web-If>Scheduled Events allows a future one-off recording to be saved in a folder of the same name: I don't know why the option is not greyed out when it is not relevant.
The create folder option is indeed supposed to pre-create the series folder that the first recording in a series schedule would, so that (in particular) it can be marked as "no flatten" (but also allows it to be marked for other WebIF auto processes). The point is that it saves having to copy the name of the folder from the name of the programme to be recorded.

It definitely worked at one time, but it seems to be broken now. It should also work while the schedule entry is still in the WebIF pending list.
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