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I went into Web IF (1.0.7-6) 'Schedule tab' and found only one setting, Channel 103 ITV. Agatha Christies Poriot, Wednesday 06 Nov 2013 20:00 and then this informatiom within the Start Time Grid.

Runtime Error: sched.jim:146: can't read "svcmap(1073746177)": no such element in array in procedure 'eventrow' called at file "sched.jim", line 220 at file "sched.jim", line 146

I've checked through the humax box and all my 5 Schedules are their.

Also within Web IF 'schedule' my auto backup list and manual backup button is missing.

Has anyone any ideas as to the problems or better still solutions. Thanks in Advance.
I can confirm the same error is displayed in the second of the only two entries in my schedule, everything after the error is missing, including the 'Bacup restore', 'Cleanup recordings' and ' Raw Database View'. My RS schedule contains 27 current and 45 dormant entries. It would be possible to downgrade to the earlier Web-If version 1.07-5 but unless you are in a hurry, I would wait for af123 to have a look at this
The chunks of script in question are here, but I have no idea what's wrong with it :-

  if {[llength $elist] > 1} {
                        puts "<div class=also style=\"margin-top: 0.5em\">"
                        foreach e $elist {
                                lassign $e service_id start end event_id
                                if {$start == $s} continue
                                puts "<a class=event href=#                  <<<< Line 146
                                    xs=$svcmap($service_id) xe=$event_id>
                                    [clock format $start \
                                    -format {%a %d %b %Y %H:%M}]</a><br>"
                        puts "</div>";
set events [rsv list]
set ended 0
eventheader "live" "Scheduled Events"
foreach event $events {
        if {[ekey $event] in $pmap} {
                eventrow $event TBL_RESERVATION 1
        } else {
                eventrow $event                      <<<< Line 220
I have since uninstalled and reinstalled the scheduled program through the Web IF, when I went back into the 'Schedule' tab everything seemed o.k. with my five scheduled programs and three buttons at the bottom of the page. I restarted the Web IF about 5 minutes ago and again it is showing the same problem as before, only one scheduled event and no buttons.
I have two boxes, both exhibiting the same symptoms at the same time. As they are both continuing to run to the schedule (they just don't display it in the web interface, I intend to do nothing at present.
I will look at it this evening. I'd be surprised if it's related to the very latest webif update, possibly the Jim update though.
I am running webif 1.0.7-6, and jim 0.74-2 on my boxes, and am not seeing this error at all. My boxes are running the 1.03.06 CF 2.19, just in case this is relevant.
I get the same problem. Before coming on here I thought was due to a power cut that had occurred at some point today.

Runtime Error: sched.jim:146: can't read "svcmap(-1879045632)": no such element in array in procedure 'eventrow' called at file "sched.jim", line 220 at file "sched.jim", line 146

Webif 1.0.7-6.
1.02.32 / 2.19

Just a thought, should all the Jim components be at the same level?

jim             0.74-2	Jim - lightweight TCL interpreter

jim-binary  0.74	Binary extension for jim.	

jim-cgi        0.7	         Jim CGI script library

jim-oo        0.71	Object Orientation Extension for jim.

jim-sqlite3   0.74-1	Jim SQLite3 plugin.
I am on the same versions as Brian and Prpr on both of my boxes. The old one (loader a7.30, 1TB Seagate AF replacement disc) has the same issue, the newer one (loader a7.33, 500GB standard disc) is fine. I don't know if the software/ hardware differences are relevant.
I'm running Web IF (1.0.7-6), jim 0.74-2, jim-binary 0.74, jim-cgi 0.7, jim-oo 0.71, jim-sqlite3 0.74-1, humax 1.03.06 CF 2.19
It looks as if the problem is with the code that prints out the list of upcoming events - somehow there are future events (i.e. not the next matching event) for some things in the schedule that are on a different service.

That explains why DLK987 had it working just after reinstating the schedule - the Humax doesn't populate the future event information straight away.

The fix to stop it bombing out is easy but I don't know what's going on with the information that is in the EPG. I'll make it print out something that might provide a clue.
As soon as the Agatha Christie recording stopped everything went back to normal, 5 scheduled recordings back in the list, three buttons at the bottom of the list.
Mine has come back after recording Agatha Christie's Poirot as well.

Could it be the apostrophe?
It looks as if the problem is with the code that prints out the list of upcoming events
That ties in with what I saw, the first item had only one match, the second item (which had the error in it) had two matches in it i.e. this weeks and next weeks. My schedule is now displaying correctly, but has no 'this week + next week' items in it

I have now upgraded to 1.0.7-7 and will keep an eye out for multiple matches
In 1.0.7-7 multiple matches are displaying correctly, so it's working for me
That's an example of when it would have bombed out before. It seems to be having trouble parsing the binary data from the schedule table. I'm investigating.