Web-If Shrink timestamp


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If I use Opt+ and the Shrink menu option on the Web-If, it appends a timestamp to the filename.
If you use the AutoShrink option on a folder then it doesn't.
Why the difference? There seems to be no point in adding a timestamp as the original file gets backed up in a folder called _original, so why not just leave the filename as it was?
I removed these lines from near the bottom of /mod/var/mongoose/cgi-bin/browse/strip/execute.jim:
set newname "$shname-[clock seconds]"
puts "Renaming file group to $newname"
ts renamegroup "$dir/$shname.ts" $newname
exec /mod/bin/hmt "+setfilename=$newname" "$dir/$newname.hmt"
and it worked fine.
Not sure why we need two durations lines either e.g.
Processed in: 125.09s
Time taken: 125.108

so I commented all the associated code for the second one as well, as the first seems to be generated by stripts.
Don't need "set len", "set ts" or "set stripstart" lines either.
Is there any reason all this cannot be permanently removed?
The shrink routine shares a common ancestry with the web interface crop code and the filename change to include the timestamp was added there.
It is a common workflow to mark a section of a recording for extraction, crop that out and then move the recording from _original back again ready to extract another bit. If both the original and the new have the same filename then one will overwrite the other.