Resolved Web interface epg not recognising 2nd satellite feed

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Firstly a big thank you for all the work that must have been put in to develop all this, its much appreciated.

I have encountered a problem when trying to schedule a recording via the 7 day epg. I am getting the following message "You have 1 Satellite Feed(s) and already have 1 concurrent recording(s) scheduled".

I have 2 feeds and scheduling 2 recordings via the box itself is not a problem. Is this a known problem (I couldn't find any reference on the forum) and is ther anything I can do?

Thanks for the reply

I had visited that page and completely failed to see that setting (perhaps I should stop putting off the visit to the opticians).

No reboot was necessary, I just had to remember to click on the "Set" button once I had changed the setting.
Think you have to reboot after the change? Or perhaps not using the Web I/F?

That only applies if you have actually changed the actual number of cables. I guess it wasn't possible to auto-detect the number of cables using the web-if, or not worth the effort. It has always been a manual setting, It's not a perfect option incidentally, last time I tried it's not clever enough to recognise possible 3rd channel reminders while recording two. Indeed it wouldn't have been possible until the package that displays the freesat transponder database of the connected Foxsat was developed.

This enables a auto change detection capability that e-mails me daily of any changes.

Todays e-mail

Channel Changes after the 3:00am Housekeeping on Tuesday 03-01-2017 to today's (Wednesday 04-01-2017) 3:00 am Housekeeping are:

No Name ServiceID PMT VPID Audio PCR Subs TText Frequency SymbolRate Polarity
--- /opt/webif/plugin/SatInfo/beforeHK.txt
+++ /opt/webif/plugin/SatInfo/afterHK.txt
@@ -73 +73 @@
-211 CCTV-NEWS 54216 259 2351 2352 2351 8192 8192 11464 22000 H
+211 CGTN 54216 259 2351 2352 2351 8192 8192 11464 22000 H
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Ta GLT. I wasn't sure, but just commented in case it was needed and the OP was wondering why it didn't work (but it did).