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Do you know any irritating web sites that fail miserably on certain platforms or browsers?

When I was selling stuff on eBay about 12 years ago, I discovered that the Royal Mail site only worked in Internet Explorer. It was impossible to purchase postal labels in Chrome. Trying to order Euros rec3ntly, I reckon the same is true of the Post Office site.

I am now finding it difficult to buy anything from a site that uses Verified by Visa, that always fails me on my tablet and phone. I have to resort to Internet Explorer again. This is particularly annoying, as it happens at the end of a transaction, which you are then not certain has gone through. I had it happen to me when purchasing a holiday recently. Two more attempts later I went to the laptop, only to discover an extra £200 added to the price, because of the high demand! Though, to be fair, I did get a refund after complaining.

I have had similar experiences purchasing theatre tickets, where the final purchase is handled by another site, and the handover goes wrong, meaning that what should take minutes ends up taking an evening.

Any similar experiences?
FairFX is a good site for foreign exchange and the new Verified by Visa system works well. I've used them for many years and when once I purchased three times my normal amount, as the exchange rate was particularly good, they gave me a courtesy call to ensure it was me. First class.
The latest Verified by Visa incorporates a phone call, not a password.
To the Severn Bridges tag (pre-paid pass system) people:
BH said:
Please note that your web site does not behave properly on iPad - it is almost impossible to log in.
Tag said:
You will need to download Google chrome or Puffin browser in order to access your account on an iPad.
BH said:
Thanks. But please ask your web developers to use a design that works as standard across all common platforms (in the case of iPad and iPhone: Safari), like most others. (I don't see any need for the login box to be within a scrollable window on that web page.)
Tag said:
I have forwarded your email onto our IT department for their information.
A little while ago I had a lot of trouble with V by V failing when using Chrome, but I found that using Firefox was OK, so I used that when I was doing a cc order. Recently it seems to have been OK on Chrome, so maybe they've fixed it as Rob says.

As to websites failing, well that's been par for as long as I've been connected. It's not surprising with cottage industry places, but when international companies' stuff won't display or otherwise gets in a tangle it's rather disappointing.
It wasn't fixed in Chrome a few days ago, but there are so many variables: popups, 3rd party cookies, ad blockers, etc.
Do you know any irritating web sites that fail miserably on certain platforms or browsers?
This one! (hummy.tv) I've had to move away from IE as it now displays "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage...It appears you are connected to the Internet, but you might want to try to reconnect to the Internet."
"3" (The mobile phone opearator) in IE. Web pages will render (sort of) , can't cope with payments.
(Oddly, my bank can cope with IE and allows me to do everything I want)

I use Firefox private browsing in Ubuntu and have no problems.
I like to synchronize my bookmarks between platforms. Firefox is a memory hog on mobiles, so it is a no go for me.