Beta [webif] 1.4.9-6

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I am working again, but wonder if a longer term solution is needed. Perhaps fix-flash-packages and install web interface on CF & telnet should default to the last version in the repository, or possibly to the Dropbox version if not found in repository.
We can't modify Diagnostics any more than we can upload new/updated packages. If we could do the latter than there'd be no need for the former (and I don't think it's necessarily a good idea anyway). The only way out, unless anything changes, is to abandon the server and use something else instead, but that requires time, money and effort. And there's probably politics to throw into that mix as well.
I installed 1.4.9-6c and experienced some strange failures.

While recording and watching live TV picture breaks up with black screen (though sound continues) initially for a couple of seconds, but length of black picture increases until eventually machine lock up requiring rear switch to reboot.
This occurred three times in a row until I backed out to 1.4.9-6 - no problems since them

I will try again but not until I can experiment with test recordings.
@MymsMan This would appear to be the only blocker to a 1.4.9-7 release. Have you anything to add, or can you do anything to narrow down what the problem might be?
1.4.9-7 now in the Beta section of the repository, which saves having to do all the previous faffing about with Dropbox downloads etc.
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