Webif and ios 8

Since updating my ios devices to version 8 I have been unable to access, over wifi, the webif page on my HDR T2. All is well with ios 7 and windows devices. Recently updated to 1.03.12 and 3.00. I'd appreciate any help resolving this.
How are you trying to access it? You might now have to make it explicit that you are entering an address by prefixing it with http:// as the top bar is now a unified address/search bar.
I have been using ios8 on iPhone and iPad for several weeks now and have had no problems accessing webif on either of my boxes.
Are you using Safari.
You should only need to key in the IP address (eg. or whatever).
It is no different to ios7 access.

Can you access it from your PC?
Hi. Yes I can access the Webif from my wife's ios 7 phone and from my network wired pc and from my windows laptop via wifi. I've tried on a ipad, iPhone and ipod all operating ios 8 with no luck, always reports server timed out.
I don't know what settings you need to alter, sorry. I just enter the Hummy's IP address directly into the address/search bar in Safari. Obviously my iDevices are on the same local network.
As above, there are no settings for this. I would be investigating the router as it sounds like it's that that is not sending the webif to your ios8 device either because of a rule or a fault.

Did you previously set to to filter by Mac ID or something like that?

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Thanks all.
Had a look at the routers settings/rules but nothing there. Did a router reboot as an after thought and all ios8 devices now working fine with webif. Strange.