Webif and .m4v files


I created a folder on the HDR-T2 and transferred some .m4v files to it from a Macbook using ftp (very fast by the way).

The folder and its files show and and the files play properly on the Humax.

Connecting by webif from the Macbook I see the folder in media/My Video with the expected size of the files shown in brackets, but when I then open the folder is shows as Directories: 0, Files: 0.

Not much of a practical problem for me, but is this expected behaviour?
The webif only includes certain video types by default. At present .m4v is not one of them. If you are comfortable with editing on the T2 then use the built-in file editor from the diagnostics page to open /mod/webif/html/browse/index.jim.
Find the line below, add .m4v as shown then save it. Your movies will then appear in the browser.
set include {.ts .avi .mpg .mpeg .wmv .mkv .mp3 .mp4 .mov .hmt .m4v}