WebIF Bug ? - Can't set expired show to record


I had an expired series in the EPG:

2016 01 13  Humax HDR Fox T2 (humax).png

When I searched for new episodes (there are 2 on the 16th) the WebIF didn't show the Record Series, Record Programme or Set Reminder buttons.

I checked the schedule on the WebIF and the Box but neither had the Unsolved Mysteries that were coming up set to record.

Adding them via the Humax EPG worked fine.

I just thought I'd highlight this as I remembered others having the issue but couldn't find the specific thread/post.
I have had this with Sex in the City and the British drama Clocking Off. All on this channel.

I had RS set to schedule these but it repeated failed until I deleted the expired schedule entry. Had to do this several times.

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Just checked and there are no package updates for our box.

The webif-error.log is 0 bytes.
Webif-error log is reset on each reboot so can't be used to find older problems.

Are you able to schedule recording for other programs normally from the webif?

Is the series CRID the same for the new episodes as in the expired series entry?

I had a problem with Jonathan Ross where ITV, for reasons best known to themselves, changed the series CRID to197282959 from 188324227 breaking the series recording but had no problems setting up the new entry
Same has happened again this week, screen grabs below of expired recording and 2 upcoming programs I have yet to set to record.

I have set many programs to record (series and single) and they have all worked fine (since I reported this issue)

All have the same CRID.

If there is anything I can post to help track down & resolve this issue please don't hesitate to ask.

20016 01 20 - Unsolved Mysteries (Expired).png 20016 01 20 - Unsolved Mysteries (Saturday 23rd 21.00).png 20016 01 20 - Unsolved Mysteries (Saturday 23rd 22.00).png


The EPG shows that the programs on the 23rd are both set to record:

2016 01 20 - Unsolved Mysteries - EPG.png

But checking the WebIF and the Humax Schedule neither shows the items in the schedule.
The programs on the schedule never went from expired to actually being set to record on the Humax or the WebIf.

I deleted them from the webif and did a remote restart that then allowed me to add the episodes on the 23rd back into the schedule on series record.