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GET /img/channels/Drama.png: Error 404: Not Found
GET /img/channels/KISSTORY.png: Error 404: Not Found
GET /img/channels/BBC RB 302.png: Error 404: Not Found

Need updates for these at some point...
Here a few replacements, current 301 = no 'Red Button', current 302 = missing and current 303 = no 'HD'

301-2.png 302-2.png 303-2.png
The other two

drama.png Kisstory.png

I could do icons for BT Sport, BT Sport 1 and BT Sport 2 but they will probably become part of the channeldel set anyway
I like the BBC ones and I'll drop them into the next package. I've already grabbed Drama and Kisstory from the MediaPortal repository although the Kisstory one is different

Ah that's better, I couldn't find an official Kisstory icon so I grabbed something from their website
If nobody drew it to af123's attention, it wouldn't be fixed. I don't have the Welsh HiDef services tuned on my boxes. Thanks.
It's always possible it has been mentioned and I missed it. I'll add one to the next update.

I'm going to redo the way that channel logos are structured on disk too so I can share the same repository between RS and the Webif. It's daft to have to maintain two!
There is quite a list a missing of EPG icons at the moment i.e. :-

11, 39, 49, 55, 63, 73, 105, 180 and 181 plus the 200's usually not in place due to the fact that they are IPTV (data) channels that don't work on the HDR-Fox T2
EP meant the IPTV channels don't work - Pick isn't one of those (but why the heck do you want The Store?).
I don't watch either Channel, I was just pointing out that they are missing icons.

The others mentioned are not viewable so have removed them from the EPG.

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