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I don't know about anybody else, but I have terrible difficulty locating settings files in the file structure, particularly when using the File Editor browser via iPad (which imposes an extra level of inconvenience - see below).

In particular, I can never remember where the crontab file is. anacrontab, in comparison, is easy: right where I expect to find it in /mod/etc.

Is there any way we could signpost these things in the File Editor browser?

Regarding iPad, since the only way to scroll windows is to touch and swipe, I almost invariably open the file I randomly touched in order to swipe, and then (usually) get told it's not a text file (after a delay) before I can return to the browser pane and try again. It's a right faff.

Incidentally, when I find it, I want to comment out the unencrypt entry temporarily. I presume a "#" at the start of the line will do it?
The version of webif I've just uploaded includes quick links to the two cron files at the bottom of the file editor page. It will be easy to add other files - any suggestions?
If the transmission package is installed then maybe have quick links to :


The default package setting.json file, is set to speed-limit mode, it is useful to be able to change the settings, for fast downloading.
I don't think the CFW transmission, currently supports "saving" the current selected settings from the WebIf (may have been fixed lately...).

File format is detailed here https://trac.transmissionbt.com/wiki/EditConfigFiles