Webif diagnostics issue


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I have an issue where the Webif diag/diag.jim is not working correctly. It seems there is an issue with the line pkg loaddiagmeta as commenting this line out solves the problem (I can provide the resulting HTML if required). Although I am not sure what this line actually does, I assume it gets the diagnostic commands available, possibly from the internet but my Hummy is only connected to a local network without internet access.

If this is an internet list, would it be possible to know how to make it available locally.

PS. Thank you for the excellent custom firmware which has fixed all the annoying parts of the Hummy.

Web interface version: 1.0.16
Custom firmware version: 3.00 (build 2137)

Ezra Pound

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The 'diag' commands are not stored on your Humax, they are retrieved from a server at the moment they are run, here is an example :-



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But he's not talking about the 'diag' command. If you'd read his message properly it's quite clear he's talking about the Diag page on the WebIf.

If the OP is confident with Telnet access, he might be able to 'fix' this by running this command:
humax# touch /mod/var/diag.meta
I also dislike in principle that the device has to be connected to the internet to download stuff before you can use things that should be available locally.


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As suggested I copied the diag.meta to /mod/var/ and everything is working. The file that was there was basically a HTML file stating the file did not exist which was the reason the diag page would not load.
Even if it doesn't allow the options to work, the Webif diag page displays correctly without editing the diag.jim (and I understand the system a little better).

Thank you very much for your help, it is appreciated.