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I was prompted to upgrade the remote scheduling package, which I did. But when I went back to WebIf there were some unwanted extra graphics (the giant pie chart, Freeview logo etc.) Can someone tell me what I have done and how to undo it? I've tried rebooting, it made no difference.

Edit: sorry, I tried to post a screenshot but I'm not allowed to (not enough posts), so I'll have to try to describe it. There is a large full/available pie chart obliterating part of the screen, together with the red Freeview logo and 'Humax HDR Fox T2' legend. These are visible whatever screen I choose from WebIf.

Further edit: Now the file seems to be attached! Oh well...


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Thanks for the replies. I had looked to see if anyone else had this problem, but I obviously didn't use the right search terms. In fact it sorted itself out - I went back to the package management page and downloaded the list of upgrades again, and it cleared.