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Hi - tried to do a search but couldn't find an answer, so forgive straight question!

In WebIf I am looking at an HD file that has been unENC flagged, but not decrypted yet. When I "Download" (from Opt+) it saves to my PC but it doesn't keep the filename or any meta details, I am only seeing the filename as <numer>.ts

Is there a way for it keep that info rather than me have to rename every downloaded file individually - never mind that the metainfo would be very useful to retain as well !

No sorry, what you get on the download is the DLNA index version of the file name, which you see in the URL if you access the DLNA streaming service (port 9000). The easiest way around this is to copy to USB and then transfer by sneakernet, or install Samba and then copy a (decrypted) file using Windows Explorer.
I'm doing a Decrypt in place at the moment, so will SAMBA and sneakernet it after and post back, many thanks :)

edit: Should have asked, is there any way to Bulk Decryt In-Place, or auto it once a recording is finished ? Then I can transfer at leisure.
Do what I do: auto-unprotect must be running, then you can have unencrypt decrypt the recording almost as soon as it is finished. When you first run unencrypt it will take several days to catch up with the backlog as it walks the folders decrypting everything it finds, but after that I have it set to check every 5 minutes to see if there is something to do. Have a look at the relevant topics for further information (by default it will only run at night every half hour).

Samba lets you access the Humax drive on a Windows network, "sneakernet" is walking the file across on a USB drive. The former requires a file to have been decrypted first, the latter decrypts in the process of copying to USB (providing Enc is clear).
Ok, will look at unencrypt, sound just the thing. Then I'm usign good old ethernet to the PC via SAMBA as suggested - now I need to find a good media server forthe PC that can serve the TS file and maybe use the otehr file(s) info from (nts or somethng..).

Thanks all for help.
Just checked the wiki, you telnet into the HDR to control unencrypt's options.
Sounds like a new section is needed in the webif. Af123?
If you decrypt in-place then download from the web interface you will get the correct filename (in that case it just serves the file straight off disk and not via DLNA).

Sam could add a webif plugin to his unencrypt package if he wants (happy to help of course!)
Yes, I've now Decrypted in place so I get an enencrypted file in the original directory on the HDR, and a backup of hte original encrypted file iin a subfolder. I've used SAMBA to copy off the decrypoted file to my PC and it retains the original filename.

I would like to be able to copy the other files with it and use them as the HDR uses them when they are local so I get info, fastforward (I mean x2 x4 etc rather than just jump, but that's a minor thing), and "restart from where last played up to" functions, but I suppose I can't have everything!

edit: Just like to add that I am using "network-shares-automount" so I can see my PC share, the HDR thinks it is a local drive and is using the sidecar files properly :)