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My HDR4 with 1.03.12/3.10

I have a series recording set for The Archers daily, which then auto-converts to MP3 in case I happen to need it (well, "need" is a bit strong...). It seems to have stopped recording after 22/11.

I brought up WebIF >> Schedule to investigate, and sure enough the Archers entry was at the bottom with dashes against it, and last recording 22/11, so I assumed they've gone and buggered up the S-CRID and I would have to reinstate the schedule entry.

So I went to WebIF >> EPG to reinstate the recording for the updated CRID, but there was no EPG there. Odd, I thought, and decided (stupid, as it turns out) to reboot. I have no idea what the actual state of the box was, because I was doing all this remotely through the WebIF. Still no EPG data, even after the reboot.

So I went to the box itself for a look-see. OK, so there were some blank areas in the EPG, but it was pretty well intact, and The Archers for tomorrow evening (not today, which was blank) showed it is due to record.. Still no WebIF EPG. Then I had a look at Guide >> Schedule, which showed future recordings due (although the list was incomplete).

Meanwhile, back at WebIF >> Schedule, The Archers is now back to normal with a full list of future recordings. But still no WebIF >> EPG (see screenshot). To be honest, I think I've seen this WebIF EPG thing on this machine before.

Tell me what, if anything, to look at (you can take it that I don't only have ITV4 and 200 tuned).

Mine does this "losing selected programmes from the schedule" periodically. Sometimes it's odd programmes; sometimes it's a whole channel.
It so reminds me of what the 9200 used to do...
Sometimes it comes back by changing channels - even to ones in the same mux.- and sometimes you need to change to one in a different mux.
Sometimes that doesn't fix it and you need to reboot. Usually all this happens after the box has been on for 3-4 weeks, but not always.
Check also that the EPG service is running. When all else fails, delete the epg.dat file (see my "restart without a reboot" script; otherwise you'll have to do it in maintenance mode which takes a lot longer).
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Yeah, but the EPG is okay (or at least nowhere near as bad as that) on screen. So the CF can't be interpreting it the same way the SUI is.
Yeah, but the EPG is okay (or at least nowhere near as bad as that) on screen. So the CF can't be interpreting it the same way the SUI is.
The only route to WebIf EPG is: humaxtv app. -> epg.dat file -> epg service -> epg.db file

(I've just found my epg.dat file stopped at 16:50 and missing 101-103 but 104,105 present.)
Right. So if the epg service isn't running, the epg.db file will be out of date but the SUI isn't affected. I get it.

But, of course, it's back to normal now.