Webif - EPG Issue


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I wonder if anyone can shed a light on why my EPG, when populated as a genre, shows early entries well before current date. I highlighted it as a WebIF Epg issue is that I cannot reproduce it on the actual box.


You can see that the channel no is 0, but the data is valid for programs that were on. None of the programs shown prior to 14th were set to record.

The number of '0' files changes depending on the genre.

The only way I have found to get rid of them is to rescan all channes, but they do come back.

Any thoughts or other solutions.

I find that 'feature' useful when I want to see what has already been broadcast or when it indicates that I have missed something.

Are out pointing it out or is it something that interferes with your use of the WebIF epg?

For me I wish it would retain all events until they were a week old!
If it was to show you the last few days, for all channels, then I would have no issue with that and agree it would be useful. But to only show a 9 movies out of all those run over those 4 days and then to skip to current date is more of an annoyance. As mentioned on some genre the list covers a larger number of records, on music I had 20 record.

As I had not seen this reported before I was wondering if it was my setup.