WebIf - EPG - List view - Brilliant!


Not a query, or a complaint, or a request for a new feature, just a heartfelt "thank you". :)

I record a lot of stuff from CBBC and cBeebies, and really appreciated the custom EPG on my old Toppy that let you just view all the programs for a single channel rather than the usual grid. Looking at the WebIf EPG, I kept wishing it had such a channel list view. Then I found it did! Fantastic, another reason to prefer this over the "native" EPG on the box.

So whoever coded that bit of the WebIf EPG - thanks!
I recently discovered this on the RS as well which saves a lot of time of waiting for the page to refresh and reading across the grid remotely on a tablet on sometimes slow broadband in far off places, whilst it's all listed downwards by channel. Much easier to scan down or do a word search with the browser once loaded.
The RS site is much faster loading in a browser than the HD/HDR-FOX WebIF, due to the limited processing power available.
I had noticed that page filling was slower on the webIf to Rs... thanks for the explanation.
I've spotted that the live channel change option (by clicking the channel icon on the WebIF EPG listing, via the ir package) doesn't work if the 'Fox was on screen-save (most likely because the current channel is radio). The first injected "button press" cancels the screen saver (instead of being accepted as the first digit of the required LCN), so the LCN is corrupted or (for a single digit LCN) the subsequent "OK" brings up the services menu on-screen (which then requires an "exit" before anything sensible can happen).

The same is likely to apply to the virtual remote control channel short-cuts.

Prefixing the channel change injection with "exit" ought to counter this problem.