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I've had the 9200 since it was released and finally got the HDR Fox T2 two weeks ago, why oh why did I not get it sooner...... What a great machine!

What you guys have done with the customised firmware is fantastic and makes a great machine incredible so a huge thanks from me for all your hard work, I've not had any problems installing/upgrading the customised firmware which is of course a big thumbs up to you.

I bet your wondering so why is the title of this thread 'webif-epgkeywords'....... come on tells us :)

Well I was wondering if it was possible to change the frequency of the keyword search and if not would it be something you would look to maybe add, also is there a reason why you chose weekly ?

Even if it was changed to every 3 days would be helpful as I was alerted today to one of my keywords in a program which was for this evening so it was a close call, I was just wondering if it would be an easy alteration and if it made sense to anyone else.

Thanks once again for the great firmware additions.



Staff member
Yes, the frequency could be easily changed. I think most people have migrated over to the remote scheduling portal though as it has the much more flexible and intelligent auto feature which can do the same job and more. It also checks for new events daily as the EPG data is updated.
Thanks af123, I had tried remote scheduling but missed the auto area..... I'm not too technical so didn't want to go running into something I never read about.

I've had a look now as you mentioned it & it seems to be just what I was looking for so thanks for the heads up.

Hopefully someone else might find this thread useful ;)

Thanks once again for your reply.
Any ideas why this has happened to the epgkeywords area.. it used to work & I did have a couple set up.. but it stopped working a few months ago. I guess I should move over to the remote scheduling interface, but quite liked the emails my box sent me :)



Staff member
epgkeywords is no longer available or supported, the Remote Scheduling Auto feature has replaced it, you still get emails sent to you.
epgkeywords is no longer available or supported, the Remote Scheduling Auto feature has replaced it, you still get emails sent to you.
Just taken a look.. that's brilliant. Just when I thought these customisations couldn't get better.. they do! :)