WebIf help for a newbie.


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Hi guys and gals :)
Please excuse the following ignorance, my excuse is that I'm new to this stuff !!
I (think) I've just installed the customised firmware for my version which is 1.02.28.
How do I know if it's "taken" ?
Is it meant to appear on the front panel on start up because it doesn't.
I'm trying to now install the web interface but when I enter the IP address into the firefox address bar it just doesn't connect.
Would this be due to the fact that the firmware hasn't taken or am I missing something else (more than likely) :(
Thank you in advance for any help that you can give this "newbie"
Hi again peeps :)
First of all, thanks for the replies.
Ezra, I had read that guide (many times) which is why I was so frustrated that things wouldn't work.
I had also seen the different types of software/firmware available and could have sworn that I had got the right on (on the 3rd USB stick that seemed to work) :mad:
As it now turns out......yup you've probably guessed.....I had indeed got the official and not the customised file.
All sorted now (still took 3 tries for the Humax to "like" the USB stick), and web interface all up and running!!!
Now I just need how to use it and to get the most out of it.
I've tried playing some file thru it but no luck, which isn't a problem as I have had success by firing up VLC on its own and going thru local network/UPnP etc.

Thanks again for the help...I bet you wish all problems were that easy to sort out ;) but then again not everyone is as stupid as me :D