Webif Installs But Just Get Directory Listing


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I am in need of some help and perhaps a Linux brush-up!!
I have just installed the custom fw on a HDR-FOX T2. Original fw was 1.03.12. That went OK.
But install of full web interface failed initially as I left usb drive out! I couldn't find a way of restarting the install of the web interface as I was not getting the splash screen with the big yellow button so I did a remove of cfw by accessing with Putty and uninstalling using cli command as advised elsewhere on the forum.
Re-installed cfw and full web interface. All went well but when I try to access the web interface using IE11 I just get a directory listing not the web interface.
I have internet access on the box and can always get to its address both via IE and Putty.
Happy to test the unix installation just need to know the commands.

Any suggestions will be welcome.

Well I did lots more reading of this excellent forum and seem to have WEBIF running by telenet access using Putty then running the command diag fix-webif.
Don't know what the problem was but the web interface runs.


Ezra Pound

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The diagnostic fix-webif forces a removal of the web-if, forcibly remove directories and contents of 'webif' and 'mongoose', remakes the directories and then installs webif again.

opkg remove webif --force-depends
rm -rf /mod/webif
rm -rf /mod/var/mongoose
mkdir /mod/webif
(cd /mod/var; ln -s ../webif mongoose)
opkg update
opkg install webif