webif interface no longer working


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Downloaded and installed modified firmware HDR_FOX_T2_1.02.20_mod_1.12

Reloaded , no problems , basic webif i/f up and I download/installed the full webif.

All lovely jubbly but via webif I couldnt install any of the the optional packages e.g. dedup got a pop-up saying it was being installed but then nothing.

Re-installed the modified firmware and could no longer access the webif
Reinstalled the official fimware, then installed the modifed firmware on top of it

Still no joy getting the webif up e.g. IE/Firefox timeout on connection

Definitely got the right ip address I can telnet to the Humax and tried various updates eg.

humax# opkg update
Downloading http://hummypkg.org.uk/hdrfoxt2/base/Packages.gz.
Inflating http://hummypkg.org.uk/hdrfoxt2/base/Packages.gz.
Updated list of available packages in /mod/var/opkg/base.

humax# opkg install webif
Package webif (0.7.7) installed in root is up to date.

Not great on unix, just at a loss on what has happened, to me it seems webif isnt being loaded at boot, but the install msg above indicates otherwise

Anyone got any ideas how I can get webif back ??!
In the absence of a better idea, telnet in and remove the MSP and start again (no need to reload the CF I shouldn't think). The relevant command (from the humax# prompt) is "rm -rf /mod/*". This will return your interface to the basic MSP downloader web page.
Before you hit the nuke option (which doesn't really help the developers in fixing problems) try typing 'service' at the telnet prompt. Then post the output here.
Ooops didnt see the later post, tried rm -rf /mod/* as suggested which I presume removed all files out of the mod directory, at least when I do an 'ls' in that directory I dont see anything there now !
This didnt change the situation, get no webif up on a browser , just get connection timed out as normal

Is it still worth doing the 'service' command ?

If not, how can I clear out the modified frimware completely and start again, just flash in the offical firmware from a usb ?
Now that you have deleted all the files in /mod/ you are back to the basic custom firmware without any extras.
From here, you "should" be ok to start again. The basic webif should show in this state offering you the choice to update to the full webif.

Can you check you are trying the correct IP address by checking the networking menu on the box.
Also how is the box connected to your network?
how can I clear out the modified frimware completely and start again, just flash in the offical firmware from a usb ?
You have removed the HDD stuff, I'm surprised the basic web page hasn't come back (but what do I know). All there is left to do is reflash the official firmware and then load the custom firmware on top. Try downloading again, in case yours is corrupt (seems unlikely), use a different file name and do a binary comparison on the two files (Windows command prompt).

Are you really sure you are accessing the correct IP address??
Thanks for all the suggestions/advice, I am at work now so will have to have another look when I get home
Absoutely certain I have the right ip address , I can telnet to the humax from my laptop, but when I use that ip address in my browser I get connection timeout
Humax is connected to the network via a Homeplug, I have no issues with browsing the media files via media player etc etc and TV portal works fine, as of course does telnet, I have to presume the humax is not supporting my http attempts to access on port 8080.

On the initial install of the modified firmware I was able to get to webif, and download the full version of it, the problem only occurred when I reflashed the modded firmware as I wasnt able to install the optional packages via the webif (just said it was configuring the packages but nothing else) it was after this second re-flash the problem occurred.

This evening I will reflash the official firmware, then add the modified firmware, have tried this once already with no joy.
I could also try reloading the wireless router (BT homehub) but why on earth that would have become an issue , I have no idea, but I guess its worth a try
This won't help Josem get Webif back, but is there any need to install dedup now?
I have not bothered but I have a 'Deduplicate/tidy this folder' button in /media/ My Video.
Is this the plugin for the web interface mentioned in the description of dedup?
dedup and autofiler run in the background (I believe), whereas the button on the WebIF lets you do it as and when.
Tried again to get the webif last night, and this time it worked. completely non-plussed , didnt do anything other than got to work for the day, came home fired up a browser and there it was.....sigh