Webif Problem


Sorry folks, another strange issue... CFW is installed (.16 with .20 official) and HD box displays F2.16 on startup. The portal is working, and a ping to works. However, attempting to install the webif fails - it doesn't open the correct page and can't seem to find the device. I just get a google search result instead... If i access via internet explorer, I get the HDR, as expected.
Does the HD have a disk connected to it? Without one it will not start the installation web interface.
(A USB flash disk is fine too)
doh! Obviously yes, when I installed, but I unplugged it! Quick Q - does it now have to be ext3 at this point?
Not to get the web interface up, no, but that interface will just tell you that you don't have an EXT3 disk connected and point you to the Wiki guide on how to convert it using the maintenance mode telnet menu.
hmmm - briefly worked, then failed again. Thought I'd telnet in to reformat disk (originally done on NAS) and cannot access via telnet. The window simply shuts down. To confirm, I can still ping the correct IP...
success! firstly, it appears the QNAP ext3 format wasn't suitable, and caused issues, stopping telnet running apparently! I removed and reformatted to FAT32. With the drive out, I telnetted again, with success. I then put the USB back in (now FAT32) and entered maintenance mode in telnet. After a couple of false tries, it connected, reformatted, all good. Webif installed correctly.

I've now again run into problems connecting to the box via browser - again, a ping is fine!
well as everything is sorted, i never bothered investigating the ping issue - although I'm 99% certain I was pinging the correct address, and there aren't any duplicates addresses! Yes, I'm aware this shouldn't be possible, so no doubt something else was causing it... Maybe my LAN is so slow that even though the box was off, the network was seeing the slow travelling fairies in the cables (a bit like seeing the light from stars that died a long time ago..!) :D