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I stupidly turned of the FTP service on the webif panel :mad:, it is obvious now that my previous way to the webif by typing in the IP address is not going to work.
Could someone advise me the best way to re-enable this or do I need to reset or reload the firmware.
Connection is/was wireless


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The FTP service is nothing to do with the WebIF (except the installation of the betaftpd package - which provides an improved FTP server from the standard Humax FTP - and the settings for betaftpd). The standard server must be turned off (Humax menus: Menu >> Settings >> System >> Internet Setting >> FTP Server = Off) if betaftpd is in use. FTP is for accessing the file system remotely, like you might in Windows Explorer.

So, are you saying you have lost contact with the WebIF from your browser? First check you are using the right IP address by checking the Humax menu: Menu >> Settings >> System >> Internet Setting >> Configure LAN (WiFi) >> IP Address

NB: the menu navigation is from memory, but should be close enough.


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I have just fixed it,removing the wireless dongle and using Lan cable instead allowed me to get back in. Turning on the service again has resumed the browser connection access from wireless.