Webif & Remote Portal Seem Slow


As per title both seem sluggish recently, the Remote Portal very slow at times.

Anything I can do try and resolve the issue?
I have not really noticed a problem with the webif being sluggish, other than when updating packages, although the Remote Scheduling portal does seem to have been quite slow recently.
Anything I can do try and resolve the issue?
I'm wondering if you meant the WiKi and the Remote Scheduling server, the Web-if connection is from your computer to your Humax i.e. a connection within your own house. Where-as the WiKi and the RS server are both remote to your house. There has been a problem recently with connection to the WiKi, but it has now been fixed, I'm not sure about the RS Server, it does still seem a bit slow for me
The Webif is now running fine, must have been someone in the house hogging the network.

The Remote Scheduling is still very slow, it seems to have slowed down in the last week or so.
Both wiki.hummy.tv and rs.hummypkg.org.uk share the same IP (hosting.citrus-it.net [] ) and have identical traceroute paths, so maybe the delay is on the server itself