Webif schedule backup query


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Is there a way to read the info in an old backup of the schedule to check what recordings should have been done?
The Webif has Main Screen >> Schedule Events >> Backup Restore Schedule Recording / Events >> View Backup that will give you this, Note that it doesn't display any Favourites list, but you can display general info. for Scheduled Events, I suspect you may mean actual time / date info. however which can't be displayed

Would restore old backup show events which now are in the past?
For expired event the schedule page usually shows the last time the event was scheduled but for ongoing series it will show the next scheduled event.

You might have to try an interpret the contents of the /mod/var/xxx.rbk backup files to see whether that helps, or try to restore a backup to a temporary db that you can then browse. Backups are created/restored using methods in /mod/webif/lib/rsv.class