[webif] Version 0.13.0 Released

My auto-shrink process is getting stuck.

I noticed from the auto log that it had been trying to shrink the same file all night. To fix it I deleted the xxxshrunk file and manually shrunk the file in question.

After clearing the the autolog, I can see that it is now stuck on another file, per the log. Is there a reason or a fix for this?
Not sure - I will have a look. The only thing that comes to mind is that it is on an external drive via mvdisks or similar, but it should still work.
It's managing to shrink each time and find data to remove so the copy over of the shrunk file is what's failing..
Thanks af123. I can confirm that I am using mvdisks.

This is not the first time I have encountered this, which is how I knew how to work around it.
I have noticed an error message when trying to check the Media Details of a recording in Browse Media Files. Perhaps it is connected to the "é" in Beyoncé which appears as "é" in the Runtime Error.
I have an orphaned .hmt file, presumably left over by an auto-expire operation. The odd thing is that auto.log doesn't show an expire record for that particular recording (although the simultaneous Wales Today recording was expired correctly and shown in the log).

BTW, it's a pain looking through auto.log when it shows 9 lines of not doing anything every 10 minutes.
For a few weeks now, I have been watching the logs in Webif trying to identify what what has been causing some picture breakup on recordings and live TV. The interference ranged from a very slight stall to a couple of seconds of black screen.

At first I thought it was mvdisks causing this by making the Humax work too hard. I uninstalled mvdisks and the problem did improve, but the slight stall still persisted.

Tonight, being bored with tracking Webif I left it alone and not a stutter all evening. Playing HD while recording two (SD) programs and copying files to external drive, live TV, all fine. Now I think it might be Webif itself causing the interruptions in picture. Just checked the auto.log (currently 112k) and the stall occured again.

Has anyone else noticed this in Webif?
There is always the possibility. The humaxtv process (which runs the normal operations) was not designed with concurrent processing in mind, and it is only by experiment we can find the limits.