[webif] Version 1.0.7 Released


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About time for a rollup here...

1.0.7 (07/10/2013)

  • Add schedule cleanup button to schedule a deletion of all recordings with no matching events in the next seven days (idea from Black Hole);
  • Flag favicon files as user customisable so they are not overridden up upgrade if they have been replaced;
  • New setting to disable channel change confirmation dialogue;
  • Add new EXTRA.css file that can be used to override the look and feel of various GUI elements, or hide them entirely;
  • More improvements to the maintenance of the unwatched recording flag on a folder;
  • New option to disable the folder unwatched count graphic;
  • Always enable the Now button in the grid-style EPG;
  • Accordian-style settings screen;
  • Fix grid-style EPG calendar popup.
How will the schedule cleanup option cope with a series that are paused for a week by a special programme such as an England match or Children in Need?
It won't know the difference so, if you were to run the cleanup routine then you'd need to selectively remove those things from the scheduled list of things to delete.
I would like the WebIF schedule browser to offer a "clean up" button, which deletes all redundant entries in one go (moving them to the pending deletion queue of course). If there were any one wanted to keep (The Sky At Night for example, which only broadcasts monthly), one would either not use the clean up button, or could rescue the entry from the pending deletion queue afterwards.
'New setting to disable channel change confirmation dialogue'

What does that mean, please?

(also first post here, so let me express my thanks to all involved with the custom firmware!)
If you have the ir package installed (ie the virtual remote), the service icons on the WebIF EPG actually select the channel on the Humax if clicked. In order that this is not accidental, a confirmation dialogue pops up. WebIF v1.0.7 adds a control to the settings which turns this dialogue off if you don't need it.
About time for a rollup here...

1.0.7 (07/10/2013)

  • Add schedule cleanup button to schedule a deletion of all recordings [schedules?] with no matching events in the next seven days (idea from Black Hole);
Not a good idea IMHO. Complete mess on F1, and any one week break in a series will cause the schedule to disappear.
Yes - only if there are schedule entries which don't currently match the EPG.
Thanks. I did have some but had manually deleted them prior to the update.

Edited post #12. It didn't read correctly, but you knew what I meant.
As an alternative to a nuke clean-up button, perhaps it would be better to have tick boxes for all the schedule entries with tick all / untick all / tick all unmatched / delete all ticked options. The point about my clean-up idea was the nause of deleting entries one by one instead of as a batch.
With the schedule clean-up option (which I think is a good idea, for the record!) is there any control over when this check will take place? I regularly record a weekly show in the early hours of Sunday morning, and if I look at my recording schedule on RS on Sunday afternoon, this item always appears as 'obsolete' in the list (i.e. no matching events) because at the time the following Sunday's EPG had not loaded. This may just be because of the the fact that the scheduled recording time was just after one of the nightly power-cycles, so at the time that RS got its last update from my box, the following Sunday's EPG data had not been cached.

I might just be getting unnecessarily worried/confused here, but if the clean-up check can be scheduled for a 'safe' time then I guess it will all be OK?
Blocking of scheduling of “[very] similar” items.

webif 1.0.7-2
FW 1.03.06
CF 2.19

This example will disappear from the EPG in a few days.

If you look at the EPG for CBBC you will see that “New: Wolfblood. 11/13. Best of Both Worlds: Fantasy drama...” is listed for “Sat 19 Oct 2013 10:00 BST” and then again on “Mon 21 Oct 2013 15:20 BST”.

Assuming you haven’t set any timers for these: You can click on each of the entries in the EPG and select “Record Programme”. Success is confirmed in red for the first, but for the second there is the red “Error encountered while scheduling: Duplicate reservation”. Suggestion: change the colour of “Successfully scheduled Whatever Program” to green instead of red.

Bug?: But shouldn’t we be allowed to schedule both of these if we want to? (we can from the HDR Fox T2 on screen menu).

If you review the full channel EPG for CBBC again after that there are no red will-record clocks for either, even after a restart (but the one really is scheduled). And you are allowed to click on the names again and choose “Record Programme”, doing so does not add a new entry when you choose the one that won’t record because it is not scheduled.

However, if you search the EPG for “wolfblood” you will find that the will-record clock will be placed against both entries, even though only one of them is actually going to be recorded. And you are also now prevented from selecting “Record Programme” for that one that. In fact in the beginning, if you use this search method, schedule one and then refresh the page both will have will-record clocks and prevent “Record Programme” from being selected for the unscheduled item (not that it matters as things stand).


The missing will-record clocks in the full channel EPG.​
The labelling of something that isn’t scheduled in the EPG “search results” view with a will-record clock.​
The discrepancy in the availability of “Record Programme” (which probably comes from the above).​

The two items above have the same programme CRID but different series CRID and (of course) start times.