[webif] Web Interface version 1.0.11 released

I have released version 1.0.11 of the web interface package. The list of changes from version 1.0.10 is shown below. If you use the tvdiary package, then you will need to update it to the latest version before you will be able to install this update.

  • Preserve time stamps on files following decryption, shrinking etc;
Not for us habitual users of 'crop'. This still updates the timestamps of the cropped files. :-(


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Another little oddity to report; I saw this on 1.0.10, too.

I have a directory with 7 recordings in it. In the WebIF, the directory is shown with a red '1', to denote one new recording.

I go into the directory, and delete the oldest recording, then go back up a level.

There is now a red '6' against the directory.

This happens every time, with different directories. They generally have auto-dedup on, if that makes a difference.

thanks much.

Web interface version: 1.0.11-3​
Custom firmware version: 2.22 (build 1905)​
Humax Version: 1.03.12​
Kernel Version: HDR_1.02.32​


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Hi af123, thanks for the updates. Regarding the new kernel field on the front page: I let one of my machines get the OTA update, and installed the custom firmware later, so this has the 1.03.12 kernel. The kernel field for this unit is blank in webif, is this intentional?

Since I 'cleared out' HDR [Green] and flashed with the 'official' FW [1.03.12], then loaded the CF [2.22], the kernel field is also blank .

Is this because the 'official' FW I installed was from the download site and not an OTA update?


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It's just because the webif package has a mistake in the kernel version database. You flashed with official 1.03.12 so have updated the kernel to 1.03.12. It will be fixed in the next webif version.


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I've recently been getting this duplicated msg of what the HDR-T2 is 'watching' when using the webif (updated yesterday)
That's fixed in the latest web interface package. Spotted the same thing myself yesterday! : )
(Can't remember if I've pushed the package out yet but it will be along soon when I've finished sorting out the mobile interface)
I upgraded from CFW 2.12 and Webif 0.10 last night (first updating the official FW to the latest version). Glad to say that everything that was working is still working, and a very noticeable difference in the webif (but then I didn't stay on the bleeding edge with my 'if it ain't broke'/ 'wife'll kill me if it breaks' mentality).
A sincere thank you for the hard work


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question, please...

is there any way to exclude a particular recording from a series, without cancelling the series recording itself?

the main use for this wouldn't be just to exclude an instance of a series because I didn't like it: that would be easy to delete after the event.

I'm thinking more of where I end up with a conflict, and the least-favoured of the three conflicting items happens to be part of a series. Can I choose not to record just that instance, without deleting the entire series record itself (and then having to remember to add it back after the conflict)?

An alternate way to do that - other than by exclusion - would be some sort of scheduling priority, where I could arrange it that the least-favoured option had a lower priority, and so would be automatically excluded.

Is anything like this possible with WebIF (or some other pkg, perhaps), please? I've had a good read-around but I didn't see anything.

thanks much...
I had exactly that scenario at the weekend. I had a 3 way clash and the one I wanted to drop was the middle of a series - I dropped that one because it would be available on iPlayer in HD and the others would not.

As it happens that was also the 3rd program to start so I just left it with the clash and it recorded the other 2 and did a 'fail to track' on that one. But if they had started in a different order I would have had a problem.

The series record had been created by the remote scheduling portal, so I could have deleted the series record and then 'reset matched events' in the portal after transmission and it would have recreated the search automatically. Or, without the portal, deleted the search and then re-added it after transmission from the EPG or WebIf.

However, that all seems very manual compared to what I am used to on a Toppy. That allows you to just exclude individual episodes. However, the reason it can do that is that the custom code handles all the series recording part of it and just creates every individual timer as an individual program timer. It would be akin to having WebIf or the Remote Scheduler Portal do all the series linking and scheduling each timer individually and never use the native series record functionality on the Humax. Possible, but a lot of work and a lot of testing.


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However, that all seems very manual compared to what I am used to on a Toppy. That allows you to just exclude individual episodes. However, the reason it can do that is that the custom code handles all the series recording part of it...
ah! hadn't thought of that; good point. I'm a recent convert from the Toppy, too...