Webui - Browser showing only 1st recording in any directory and more...

Suddenly out of the blue my HDR-FOX T2 has developed a couple of problems.

The webui browser is only showing the 1st recording in any directory regardless of how many recording in there (FTP shows they are there and the TV media browser shows the recordings as normal and indeed they can be played).

Also the webui view queue function doesn't work, when you click on it you get the busy page but it never shows any results, just stuck on the rotating icon.

Whether both of these are related I don't know.

I've booted into maintenance mode and performed a disk scan and nothing was found.


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First go to the Diagnostics page and select the webif-error.log and post the contents

Second, also on the diagnostic page, do a force reinstall of the webif package and see if that fixes the problem.


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So the queue database had become corrupt - databases sometimes do wong
Not sure why pretty-size had gone AWOL but the reinstall fixes both problem


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Hopefully not a failing disk, but as I said disk scan (and also SMART) checked out fine atm. But its still the original drive in the FOX so it's getting on a bit, I wouldn't be surprised if its slowly dying.