Weird HDR2000T behaviour


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Hi have had 2 of these from richer sounds between Xmas and the new year. I have them connected to a Panasonic plasma (new GT60) via HDMI to HDMI 1.

With both boxes I've been getting random and continuous channel changing, sometimes it hops up one channel, other times it just keeps hopping up and up and won't stop until turned off.

If I turn down the volume, it goes back up to max on its own, and in addition the 2nd box kept switching itself off every few minutes, accompanied by a high pitched squeak.

Lastly the volume bar stays on screen for most of the time with the second box. I've tried new batteries for the remote, plugging into a different hdmi on the TV, plugging the Humax into a surge suppressed supply, but still get the weirdness. I've also disabled the Viera Link in case that's causing issues, but it seems to make no difference.

There is no other AV kit connected to the TV, as I'm waiting for a stand and some cables before I put the amp and blue ray etc back together. I don't have any other hdmi cables to try with atm, but the aerial does have a 12v Booster on it. I tried Powered and non-powered antenna as well, but that didn't make any difference either.

I called Humax and they say nobody has reported this type of problem. Having had two of their earlier freeview boxes with no problem at all I'm a bit disappointed with the HDR to be honest, because when it works (albeit briefly) it seems very good, and also quiet.

Box 2 is packed back up to take back and swap for one last try at the weekend, Anyone seen this behaviour, or have any ideas on options to try and cure it?

This is either IR interference or CEC incompatibility. To test for the first, cover the unit(s) with a thick towel or the like to exclude all possible IR interference and see if it still does it. To test for the second, try using a SCART or phono connection to the TV and disconnect the HDMI.
Thanks to Black Hole, it is rock solid with a phono lead, but sort of defeats the High Def object.. Any ideas if it is likely to work with a better quality lead, or if as it will be once I get the cables, run via my Sony Amp, and not directly connected to the TV?
I think you just need to determine if the Humax's HDMI interface, the TV' interface(s) or the your HDMI cable is faulty, swapping each component e.g. a different HDMI source than the Humax, a different TV and a different (Good Quality) HDMI cable should point to the problem. It is also worth re-routing aerial, power and HDMI cables so that they are not running parallel.
The powered antenna option on the Humax is for powering a masthead aerial amplifier that is not powered seperatly, if the aerial amplifier has it's own power supply the Humax's powered antenna option should be turned off
I've temporarily plugged my blue ray player into the TV using the Humax hdmi, and that was ok. I'll set the amp up and get a couple of better leads and see how it pans out. Thanks everyone for the feedback.
Thanks to Black Hole, it is rock solid with a phono lead, but sort of defeats the High Def object.. Any ideas if it is likely to work with a better quality lead, or if as it will be once I get the cables, run via my Sony Amp, and not directly connected to the TV?
Try turning off CEC on the TV (maybe called Viera link or similar).
That's what I was about to say. To explain: some TVs are equiped to transfer remote control commands to a player device via the HDMI interface. The HDR-FOX cannot interpret these CEC commands, and they can cause misoperation. We might guess that the 2000T is better able to handle CEC, but in this case it seems not.

There is no need to discard HDMI, using SCART/phono was only a diagnostic tool. The trick is to sort out the TV rather than the Humax. Possible cures: find a CEC or Remote Link setting in the TV menus and turn it off; try a different HDMI input (CEC may only be implemented on HDMI1 for example); use an active HDMI switch between the Humax and TV to isolate the CEC commands from the Humax.

This is nothing to do with the HDMI lead - it's a digital interface and it either works or it doesn't. Over a short distance the leads from the pound shop are good enough. The only problem you might get is interference coupled from a cheap HDMI lead to a cheap aerial lead causing signal drop outs.
ok, thanks yet again. I've plugged into hdmi2 (which is ARC enabled) and it works. So once I have my amp in place I'll route to the tv via hdmi2 and it should be ok. This is working with the top level Viera Link setting "on" which I think is their CEC equivalent. I'll see if enabling each sub item in turn breaks it or not. Once again thanks for the feedback.
Update: Switched TV to 3d to show my in laws, and the PVR turned the volume to 0, and if I turn it up, it turns it back down again - Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
The OP's problem was present using a Panasonic plasma (new GT60) TV, before the Sony Amp was introduced
An update on the updates. Managed to get out and get another hdmi lead. Fired up the Sony Amp, connected Humax to it, then hdmi to TV, and fingers crossed it's sorted. Does seem like this PVR won't play with my Panasonic no matter what. Phew. Will keep an eye for any more strange stuff.
Well what a surprise, after about an hour it is back channel surfing again, and I can't stop it no matter what I do. I think it's going back in the box for a refund. Very disappointing. What's the view from the floor on the YouView versions? Is my understanding correct in that they work like a normal PVR, i.e. set up scheduled recordings etc, but use your broadband for the going back in time part?