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    This upgrade brings a number of improvements including the ability to bookmark posts to come back to later. Please bear with us as we continue to tweak things and open a new thread for any questions, issues or suggestions in Site/Forum Issues.

What are the benefits to the new forum layout?


Staff member
The benefit is not about the layout but being on the latest software. We were lagging a bit behind with XenForo updates and installing the latest version was non-trivial as a lot of things had been customised by hand and would have been overwritten. This recently became more of a problem after a security problem was found with XF1 that we needed to fix.

So, we're on XF2 and have made a fair number of changes to the look and feel already, but these have been done through supportable methods which are upgrade-safe (addons & custom style) and we can now start tweaking things more to our taste.