What Does these EPG Icons Mean?


I think this is my first post, though I joined six weeks ago.

I've found the forum useful and interesting: however, I can't find the answer to this:-
What do the Enc and G icons mean?

They're not included the What Does this EPG Icon Mean? section of the wiki FAQ.
(I did look!)

I'm guessing G means Graphic content but Enc has me stumped.

Annoyingly, there no mention of these icons in the paper manual!
G means Guidance, and Enc means Encrypted.
Perhaps Ezra will add them to the WiKi if they are not already there.
G - Guidance warning (usually displayed in red when you bring up the info for the programme). Bad language, violence, sex, etc.

Enc - protected content. It effectively means that you if you copy the file to an external USB disk it will remain encrypted. This flag automatically appears on high-definition recordings.