What happens if schedule wake/sleep overlaps with a recording?

The title says it all really - I'm not being lazy (this time), just won't be in front of my machine to try this for a few days.

I'd like to schedule a daily wake-up and sleep command so that I can access a remote HDR via VPN. How will it behave if this happens to overlap with a scheduled recording, e.g. if a recording is scheduled from 7-9pm and the scheduled wake-up/sleep is from 8-8.30pm? I'm hoping that in this example, the recording would be unaffected and the HDR would be accessible via web-if from 7-9pm on the day of the recording, and from 8-8.30 on other days. Obviously what I don't want to happen is for the sleep command to interrupt the recording!

Black Hole

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It will work the same as if you turned the box off (standby) in the middle of a recording - the recording completes in half-awake, and then the box drops to standby.

Ezra Pound

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This half awake mode gets to be more & more interesting. Presumably the box records in half awake mode when it records from sleep mode?
Yes, I think the idea is that if it woke completely from standby to record, the Video out would be turned on and that could trigger your TV to switch to the Humax input automatically which you wouldn't want. There are some WiKi notes HERE
Thanks Ezra, would be good to know just how to get into this mode directly. I know it's the subject of another thread I started - Half Awake Mode (sorry, don't know how to do internal links) - but mention it again as it allows what Shaggy is looking for, access without being fully awake.